Because I'm too knackered..

Too knackered to think of anything else, mes petites souliers, you can marvel at the search words that lead people here...

"bastard+pop"+download (
"Monkey Business" "Bastard Pop" (
pictures of carcoon ducks (
spirite australia school shoe (
log lomond (
"please don't tickle me" (
"it's easier to leave than be left behind" (
"andy warhol's elvis" (
wardi's music band members (
sex paintng (
"environmental art" webcam (
helena christensen pilgrim (
sexy pregnant (
"finger wave hairstyle" (
monkey business bastard (
"boss is a bitch" (Yahoo!
Bridezillas updates (
Coq Rogue (
laser swords (Yahoo!

There are people who write spam poetry, maybe I should start writing search poetry. How's that for a catchy name??

Oh and, it turns out the flat didn't fall through after all. The reasons for why the mortgage was accepted after all (cause that was the problem, but then it wasn't), I don't know. And I don't think T knows either. Funny business that. Anyway, we're good to go. Well, I wont believe it till it's an actual fact.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 7:54 PM