If a fact is useless, be certain that I will know it!

Went round some friends' for dinner last night. Good company, sparkling conversation and a game of Trivial Pursuit Globetrotter. Which I won. I totally nailed that one. Oh YEAH baby!

TP is pretty much the only game I really like playing. because it's the only one I'm any good at. Monopoly? Forget it, I have no skills that even remotely required for playing that game, let alone win it.

TP, however, now that is a different matter entirely. My brain seems to be a virtual repository for utterly useless information. Which in most cases I have no idea where came from! And it's always been like that!

One question I'm particularly baffled that I knew the answer to (lucky guess....) was something like 'what city did the 2 teams in the 2002 football cup final came from?'. London, and I even knew the 2 bloody teams as well!! (Chelsea and Arsenal).

Friday, February 11, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:53 PM