Can you really take a picture of the speed of light?

On a daily basis I'm amused by the search words that lead people here. They are so diverse! And odd! And I wonder if they say anything about this blog/website, or so-help-me, about me! You will see what I mean below!

academy awards ballot (
Dexter lab underwear pic (
mini-mini-mini skirt (AOL Search)
nukelear cloud (
bbc world / clickonline (Yahoo!search. au)
www. speed of light picture (Yahoo!
rainbow paintjob apply (
laser swords (Yahoo!
Movies of ladies vibrating (Yahoo!
martin clunes 2004 (
minogue sister shoe size comparison (
www.dwarf people's/photos (Yahoo!
pictures sexy girls in red bras (Yahoo!
hunting pictures scotland (
picture of speed of light (Yahoo!
download basil brush saying boing boing (
Vibrating Condoms (

Need I comment on any of them?? Maybe the Vibrating Condoms one, cause you know, I'd never utter such words here, vibrating condoms, no siree, not me, nuh uh. And umm...wouldn't that be a tad uncomfortable?

What puzzles me is that, recently, noone's found their way here by searching for fireplace, and previously that has happened more than once!

Tears for Fears' new song is getting quite a bit of airtime on VH1 which is absolutely lovely. It feels like they're getting a revival! And they sound like they used to, but not in that obnoxious this-worked-in-the-past-let's-do-the-same-thing-all-over-again way. No, they sound like they used to, because what they did then was special and, because they are who they are, it's still special. Won't you agree (Odi)? Or maybe it's just me!

Thursday, February 24, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 8:54 AM