A world of morons.

They are everywhere. Oh yes. I'm sure you've noticed them too.

A few of the morons in today's society...

On busses you are not allowed to smoke. The passengers are not allowed to smoke, and neither are the bus drivers. But do they care??
Obviously not! So many times, I've entered a bus where a bus driver has spent his break in the bus, smoking! Bus drivers, take note: having the window open while you smoke, doesn't hide the fact that, yes, YOU WERE SMOKING WHERE NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED!!

People with shopping trolleys, why, oh why, do you always push your trolley around like you are the ONLY PERSON SHOPPING IN THE SHOP?? Things to remember when operating a trolley, people:
1. look around before changing direction. There's likely to be someone behind you, who, (since trolleys don't have indicators, and few people are mind readers,) have every right to ram into your trolley (or you), because HOW WERE THEY TO KNOW YOU WERE GOING TO CHANGE DIRECTION??
2. when stopping to look at items on the shelves, push your trolley to the side, so it DOESN'T OBSTRUCT THE PASSAGE OF OTHER SHOPPERS!
3. if you leave your trolley, and it's in the way of other shoppers, DON'T BE RUDE TO PEOPLE if they move it aside so they CAN GET THROUGH!
4. some of your fellow shoppers have 'lumps' on their backs, these are called backpacks and they are NOT MEANT TO BE RAMMED INTO WITH YOUR TROLLEY!
5. if, inadvertently, you take the wrong trolley, say in the green grocery section, upon realising your mistake, PUT THE TROLLEY BACK WHERE YOU TOOK IT! Don't just leave it in, say, the wine section. Someone in the green grocery section IS MISSING THEIR TROLLEY!

Saturday, January 15, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 6:21 PM