Today's colour is green.

And that has got nothing to do with yesterday's topic. No, it's merely because I've got 2 pictures for you today and they both happen to be green.

Firstly, I want to show off a bit. I am a member of the REM fanclub and as such you get a holiday pack every year around Christmas. This year it was a cd (with a couple of songs on it), a calendar, and an iron-on 'sticker'. This holiday pack is exclusive to members, so I think this is pretty cool. The cover, which I really like, for the cd, looks like this:

REM 2004 holiday pack cd.

Next is a very lovely (and I do use this term oh-so-very loosely) cake. It really is a cake. In the shape of a frog, made of green marcipan with some pink filling. The cake is altogether horrible. Sickingly sweet, and I'll never eat one again. Maybe the horrendous taste is the reason why people, mainly students, have taken up using this particular type of cake as "ammunition" in throwing competitions. Simply known as "frog cake throwing".

Green marcipan frog cake.

PS. In case you're wondering, in Denmark a danish is not called a "danish", but wienerbrød, which translates as "viennese bread". ;-b

Monday, January 17, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 9:43 PM