Long live the King!

A 'text' version of Andy Warhol's Elvis

If Elvis had still been alive, he would have turned 70 today. I think there can be no doubt about the influence he's had on modern music. And on nodern culture as well: license plates, sunglasses, rhinestone studded jumpsuits, t-shirts, stamps etc, etc.

Considering the booty shaking you can see on MTV, and the like, it's hard to imagine that Elvis' dancing caused such a stirr as it did. Today it seems more comical than provocative...

Even if he died in a state less than fit for a King, I think that when he was young, he was probably one of the most beautiful men that's ever lived. Those lips, those eyes, OH BABY!

Elvis Presley. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Elvis.com, the official site. Notice the GracelandCam!!

Elvis-A-Rama. Looks kinda tacky. But hey, sometimes kitsch is good. And the King wasn't exactly beyond such, so I guess it's fitting...

Girls Guide to Elvis. "A girl's guide to Elvis Presley, featuring not only movie and record reviews but sex gossip, Graceland photos, pictures of Elvis clothes and the truth about Elvis's hair."

When Elvis met Nixon!! What the...

Tickle me Elvis. Umm.. ok.

List of Elvis songs. Looks fairly extensive.

A curious little thing: The Elvis Text Editor.

The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis. Something tells me that this is a joke. Atleast I hope it is. But then again, in France there's a chapel dedicated to rugby.

i'm 50's elvis!

Take the Which Elvis Are You? quiz, made by .

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