The colour of sexy??

This may be more information about me than you'd like to know (or maybe it's exactly the kind of information you want about me? You sick pervert!): I have a set of matching underwear (i.e. bra and panties) in hot pink.

Now why would I tell you this? Well, because it pertains to something I've been pondering over.

I like wearing that hot pink set. But I'm not sure why. It is comfortable, yes, but that's not really what I'm curious about. No, the curious thing is why I like wearing that colour.

I don't know. Maybe because it's a bit ...suggesting? After all, hot pink is related to red, which is the colour of passion, romance, power, and provocation. Hot pink being sensual, brightening spirits and stimulating. {*}

Thinking about why I like the hot pink so much, got me to wondering, what colour of underwear do men prefer?

Although I couldn't find anything specifically about hot pink, the general concensus seems to be that black, red and, indeed, hot pink are the preferred colours. Where as white, brown and nude colours are turn-offs. Which one do you prefer of these fairly similar items of lingerie? This one? Or this? (If you can abstract from the fact that both pictures are of girls in bras, that is...)

According to this article, Red underwear works as an aphrodisiac, it has its special energy. If a woman wears red underwear, then it means that she is hungry for animal sex. Violet and pink colours show that a woman feels sexual and passionate.

So if the colour is basically perceived as telling the male "I am passionate and comfortable with who I am, come and get me", that is attractive? But why don't blue or green send the same signals?

"Most men choose a deep red colour, which obviously appeals to them. But women think differently and prefer something less intense. In winter their preference is definitely for black." {link}

But why this preference for red and pink? Maybe this gives gives a hint: Pink, as well as red, can be warm and stimulating. It is perceived as romantic and sensual, that's why it is often used for underwear - particularly its bright hue. Pink can be also considered as frivolous and cheerful.

Keep in mind, however, that all these shades of meanings are very vague and individual. The researches show that about 27 per cent from 5 thousand recipients declared that they associate pink with fragility.

The red being associated with passion and the pink, in its paler versions, being a fragile colour (probably because it's partially white), calls upon 2 different instincts? Red is a strong colour, and thus seeing his partner in red/pink is arousing because he wants to be the dominant person in the relationship so it stimulates his aggrssive side? And the fragile pink calls for his more protective side? Could that be the reason?

Yet, for many men, buying lingerie can still be an intimidating task. "It's like laying your sexual preferences out in the open."

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Sunday, January 16, 2005 posted by Wardi @ 5:25 PM