Now with fireplace and crack whores!

A little over a year ago I bought this domain. Here are a few facts about it.
- since February '04 there's been just shy of 4,000 unique visits here.
- most visits are from the CST, EST (American), CET (Europe), and UK timezones.
- 69% use I.E. v. 6.-, 9% use v. 5.-, 19% use Firefox, and only 2% use Opera. Which one do you use?
- organisation extension, you ask? 39% for .net, 26% for .com, 19% for .dk, 2% for .uk, and also 2% for .gr (Greece) as well.

Enough with the numbers, already! It's more interesting to see how people find me. It tickles my imagination to see the search words/combinations that lead people to my little corner of the web. Here are some of them:

sun wu kong

incrdibles Haven't you seen this film yet? You should. It's brilliant.

wardi I'm happy to say that when searching for "Wardi" on google, I'm the first result. ;-)

make a fake fireplace Ha! This is an odd one. I fail to understand why a fireplace is so important in interior decorating in England. So much so that I made an entry about it! And look what happened! Although is on page 2...

seattle trainride Now, that's an incredibly odd one!

naga danish design

"sex is like pizza" That's fascinating, isn't it?

make fake fireplace WTF?? Is the world fireplace crazy??

crack whores in london Certainly is versatile, isn't it?

"sven brasch" A Danish poster artist, from days gone by...

illios hotel in cos Apparently this search engine doesn't know that people can be lazy when writing..?

beautiful view You get an honourable mention if you can figure out how this relates to me...

pk80 It's the name of a couch designed by Poul Kjærholm.

Laser Swords Light sabers, dagnabbit!

Sunday, December 19, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:04 PM