Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the shortest day of the year. Less than 7 hours of daylight.

We're in the dark of winter, yet no sign of any real snow. Most we've had is 5 minutes the other day; of course it melted as soon as it reached the ground.

Although it's cold and dark, Mid-winter is cause for celebration - now the days will get longer again! These people take the celebration seriously! I just hope they dress up warm!

But I think they're on the right track:

In Forn Siðr we do not believe in popes and pyramids of power. Therefore the community has no intention of controlling the way in which members practise thier faith, as long as the community by-laws are kept. Dogma belongs to other religions. All that we require is that our members do not misuse nordic mythology or pagan symbols for racist and nazi propaganda.


We Asetru are not missionaries, people may and should find where to stand themselves. Nowadays it is christian values which dominate society, but under the skin of the christian culture in scandinavia one can still get a glimpse of the old nordic foundation. Therefore another important aspect of the work of Forn Siðr is to make Asetru values more visible and accepted in society.

{Forn Siðr - English}

I think you're mistaken to think that Christianity is the only way to "salvation" - and what do we need to be saved from, anyway? There are plenty of old ways in different (Christian) countries that still survive to this day.

We need to be more open to other people, to other religions, or lack thereof. We all have to live on this small rock floating around in space. It's all we've got, so we damn well better get along!

It's almost Christmas, are you ready??

Tuesday, December 21, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:10 PM