1 week left, 2 weeks to go.

Internet, yesterday I saw a woman with sideburns. ACTUAL sideburns. Imagine Elvis in his sideburns days. Then imagine the sideburns being just a little bit smaller. That's what I saw! And she wasn't even trying to make some kind of obscure "I know I'm different, but that's why I can get away with sideburns even if I'm a chick" statement. No, she just had sideburns!

What is this world coming to??

I'm trying not to get too sucked in by the hoo-ha that goes with planning my sister's wedding. Although the family hasn't gone crazy over it yet, I'm sure they will! And pull me right along with them!

One week left at the course, a damn shame too, cause I was having so much fun and learning so many cool things!

Are you ready for Christmas? I am. Almost. Need to send out Christmas cards and such, but then I'm done! Every single Christmas present is bought and just needs a bit of wrapping paper and a card. It's probably the first time EVER that I'm done almost 2 weeks before!

Would you like a Christmas surprise?

This is not the Christmas surprise. It is the skeleton of Dexter!

Sunday, December 12, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:11 AM