Links And Something Pretty To Look At.

The House of the Orange Monkey. You know you love monkeys. :-)

Fancy staying at the hotel used for Luke Skywalker's home in Ep. IV?

Sorry Everybody. So you should be! I hope you do your best to change it, first chance you get!

The Rasterbator. No, that's not naughty in any way. ;-)

Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets from the BBC. This looks interesting. I promise I'll watch it if I get the chance.

The Yes Men. They posed as members of the WTO, and proposed ludicrious (I can't spell that word), i.e. satirical, policies from the WTO. For example: "that to solve global hunger, the poor should have to eat hamburgers—and then recycle them up to ten times".

Posting and you...

I would absolutely LOVE these salt&pepper shakers. They're from Royal Copenhagen; a part of the Blue Flute Mega series.

I think I've said this before, but: I'm considering taking up knitting. I'm not really sure why. Just seems like a ..lovely thing to do. I used to knit when I was younger. Ok, so I only ever finished one hat, as far as I remember, but..who's to say I wouldn't knit gorgeous, lovely, pretty knitted things now??

Speaking of pretty things. I saw something in a magazine and I thought that was pretty cool, so tried if I could do the same thing. Turned out: of course I could. And I've used the technique for making this lovely ..thing.

Today is a happy day, cause T's got a new job. I'm so happy for him and very proud of him. You rock, honey! :-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 6:32 PM