Do I need to say how sad I am about the result of the election in the US? Thought so.

I hope the Americans, who voted for Bush, will fry in Hell - whatever shape or form they may believe it to take on.

You are despicable excuses for human beings and I'm sorry to share this precious planet with you.

Ironic that, come next year, my extended family will include Americans. Thanks to my sister. :-|

Something weird is going on with Blogger.. doesn't post right.. ah well.

There's a fire in a Danish fireworks factory. 1 person has reportedly been killed, 10 or more are injured, and 15-20 residential homes are on fire. So, it's not just a pretty thing, it's very dangerous. Let that be a warning to you who are approaching Guy Fawkes night. ;-)

Fire in Danish fireworks factory
{Image from tv2.dk}

Wednesday, November 03, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:12 PM