The Weekend That Went To Hell And Bounced Back

I've made a decision: when I move to England, and when we can afford the tuition (D'OH!), I'm going to do either a HNC or a HND. Either in art/design or in teaching. Cause I more and more realise that I would like to teach art.

Apparently, Christmas is here. Atleast judging by certain shops. One, in particular, that I went to the other day. They've got Christmas decorations ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING!!! It's too bloody early!!
Anyway, I intend to start making Christmas decorations pretty soon. The Christmas cards I've already sorted, I bought those in London. Hehe.
I love Christmas, but...there's a proper time for everything. And decorating your shop for Christmas in the middle of October IS NOT IT!

Egg Song (from this place) It is very, very cute. There, you're warned! I don't know why someone has made this, but..well, there you go.. {via freakgirl}

If any of you are writers/want to become one, then this might be something for you: National Novel Writing Month. Write a novel in a month, how about that? I'm tempted... ;-)

I'm considering whether or not to try a few things (Google's AdSense), on this site, that might earn me a few pennies. With the help of my readers/visitors... ;-) What do you think?

You get the leaders that you deserve, please vote responsibly. Don't vote Bush.

Sunday, October 24, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:32 AM