Keys, Bus Pass, Mobile.

With autumn and winter a very bad habit of mine also returns. Atleast I seem to notice it more during this time of year.

Maybe because I'm now wearing a coat, which has pockets (something my summer overcloating doesn't usually have). For some reason I feel a need to put things in these pockets, instead of in my handy little purse that goes into my backpack. Although this is what I do when I don't have pockets. So, I put things in my pockets that I need easy access to. Unfortunately, the pockets don't have zippers, so everyone may also have easy access to the content.

Consequently (and I am getting convinced that this is the reason) I will pat my pockets every few minutes to make sure the things are still there. I will do this repeatedly. I will even put my hands in my pockets and touch each item while quietly muttering to myself "keys, bus pass, mobile". I often do this several times, although sometimes in a different order "bus pass, mobile, keys". Especially if I say the wrong thing while touching a given item. Then I must repeat it, to make sure all the things are in my pockets. Although I can feel all the items are there.

It's quite annoying. I'm aware that I do it, and i try not to. But I guess everyone has their share of obsessive compulsive behaviour. Even if it's only seasonal...

Friday, October 01, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 10:32 AM