I'm So Glad I Got That Of My Chest.

I wrote the following because of this site {via translucence.org}, but it's not thoughts that suddenly occured to me. But now it's put into words.

The person(s) behind that site, "God hates gays" (how eloquent is that??), quotes the Bible at length as to why it's ok to preach hate, and hate gays in particular. ALLOW ME TO DISAGREE! As any sensible person with any sense would!

Yeah..you can interpret the Bible in any way you want; it's not like its author is gonna come running after you with a big stick and hit you on the head if you get it wrong. Although of course there are people who believe that the Bible was written by God, or atleast passed directly from God to the person holding the pen. Further, I'm sure these same people expect anyone, who does not believe in this, to be hunted down and hit with the aforementioned big stick.

Well, show me what you got! I'm sure I can handle you, nomatter the size of your stick!

I don't believe the Bible was written by God, not at all. What I do believe is that it is a "collection" of tales about being a human being. Good advice on how to act, react and behave towards other people. Like most religious/spiritual texts of ancient times, it holds great truths about the human condition. However, some of it is way past its expiration date, in a modern world and perspective.

Some people see it differently, like the people behind that site. They seem bent on living their life in accordance with a way of life that is so oldfashioned and has no respect for other people. Especially people who are in a minority; gays for example. (Or women. Although 50 % of the world's population can't be called a minority, but in reality we are exactly that.)

And how can you preach hate and look at yourself in the mirror each morning? Hate is wrong. You should know it leads to the Dark Side!

But it's like these people insist on living by these idiotic "rules", merely because they (the rules) are stupid. And these people want everyone to live like them. Because if everyone lived by these rules (their rules!), then noone would notice how stupid they are themselves. Stupid is as stupid does, yanno.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't use the Bible for spiritual/moral guidance, but just that you shouldn't leave your head at the church door. The Bible was written by humans, and like humans, some of it is good and some of it is idiotic.

If God did indeed create man (and woman!), then s/he must have wanted us to use the brain with which s/he has equipped us. Right? HUMANS ARE NOT MINDLESS SHEEP!

PS: Apparently Bush has heard God tell him that he's doing a good job as President of the US. Would you vote for someone who hears voices in his head??

You get the leaders that you deserve, please vote responsibly. Don't vote Bush.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 1:50 PM