Where Can I Buy Some Extra Hours??

If you are in on such information, please let me know. I have so many projects I want to work on at the moment, and I also have to get some serious work done on my painting. But I need my sleep, so I have to go to bed at 11pm ish so as not to be too knackered... and..I just don't have enough time for everything...

Yeah, yeah, it's probably a luxury problem, and I should try having kids and blah blah blah. But I still need to have more hours in my day!

About I, Robot. I would like to add a few words about why I like it.
First of all, it takes place in Chicago, not in New York/Los Angeles/Washington as such films usually do.
Secondly, the problem with the robots seems to be only an American one. Atleast they don't show how it affects the whole world, as Hollywood is otherwise fond of doing (cp. Independence Day, Armageddon et al.). It's very nice of Hollywood to show that [whatever disaster] doesn't only effect the U.S., but please, we know you don't really give a shit about the rest of us; we're only backdrops for your holiday pictures.
Thirdly, there's no romance!! There's a single possibly sexual moment, or it's an awkward moment with sexual undertones. You take your pick.
The hero isn't haunted by a lost relationship/family. He is haunted, though, but by other memories, more believable than the above mentioned.
There are surprises in the film, not many, but they are there.
I'm not a fan of product placement, but atlest here it's so obvious that it's alright. Especially because it's for a car, although it's not my favourite car...
Will Smith does an alright job with..a somewhat limited material...
And his character has a cd player just like my parents'. ;-)
Speaking of gadgets...the character called Robertson has coffee pots and cups in steel which were designed by a Danish designer, Arne Jakobsen, way back in the 60's. He was also the man behind the design of the cutlery used in A Space Odessey, and AOTC.

The female character in the film is crap though. And the saving of the cat? Silly, stupid and unnnecessary. Yes, there's an extra 'n' in unnnecessary, just to underline my point. ;-)

Thursday, September 09, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 3:49 PM