When Royalty Split Up

It becomes news. And not just any kind of news. No, it becomes the kind of news that completely overshadows everything else.

Today the Danish Court announced the separation* of the youngest Prince and his wife. This is sad. It's always sad when people split up (ok, maybe not everybody..). And of course it is newsworthy, after all, we pay for their upkeep. So we should know something about what they do. Although the things they do, are rarely very interesting, or more interesting than what other people do.

So, the news are full of this..news. Commentators of all sorts commentating on this event, the common people making their common view known, politicians offering their sympathy and understanding, while letting their political views known too. They're whores for the journalists, after all.

Atleast the Danish royals have got enough sense to keep this very down to Earth, and not copy the behaviour of their English cousins (yeah, yeah, so they're not real cousins, so what? Stop picking on me!)

Other news are being neglected. Even the coverage of the results of the Caribbean hurricanes is forgotten!

Heck, this news has even gotten me to comment on it. At length! Holy fuck!
So, what do I think? It's sad. For them. But life will go on. For them. And certainly for the rest of us. It's not that newsworthy!

Move along.

*It may be of interest to know that I made a quite lovely typo with this word; originally I had written preparation. *chuckle*

Thursday, September 16, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 5:33 PM