That's Not Art, That's A Piece Of Shit!

I was going to post a long rant about how a friend of mine is a stupid, skanky bitch, who's been showing her real character of late. But then, I simply wont let that get to me. I'm above that. *lets it go*

Instead I shall rant about something else. On Monday I met with this artist that I'm doing a website for (this has been an ongoing project for the past 2 years, not because of my procrastinating, I'll have you note!). She's very difficult to work with as everything has to feel good to her. Some colours will almost make her feel physically sick. Very sensitive. And she's the kind of person who at first seem very frail, but who's also very pushy. To have her make a decision is difficult. Especially when it comes to her website, cause she doesn't like computers and all that a lot. It seems to make her nervous. So, we spent an hour (!!) trying to find some colours that wouldn't make her have nightmares, and which would also be pleasing to look at from a webdesign point of view. Cause, believe you me, those things aren't the same. Yes, a bright purple is very nice, but you know, it's not very nice to look at on a computer screen for very long. Sheesh. She admitted herself not to know much about colours (you're telling me!?), so I was thinking to myself "well, why the fuck don't you listen to me, instead of the voices in your head, or whatever??!".

Apparently her art has healing qualities. Which, well, is bunk. And the art itself is also bunk. Utter boring shite. And it looks like some 5 year old could have made it. She's never had any formal training (which you don't have to, I know, some artists were great and they never had an art lesson in their life), which I think you can tell when you see her art. It's all a bunch of coloured swirls and curls or white clay bent into swirling shapes as well. It's not that I don't like non-figurative art, I do very much, but even to do that, I think you need to know something about art in theory. About colours, shapes, sizes, perspective etc. The foundations. And she doesn't. All her paintings look exactly the same, and all her sculptures look exactly the same. Because she knows nothing of the theory, so she has no way of experimenting. Consequently, there's no evolution. And, IMHO, proper art needs to be experimetning, it needs to inspire you, provoke you! But hers doesn't. It's just a bland mixture of swirly colours. A tub of starwberry icecream has more spunk!

I'm still waiting for my R.E.M. tickets to arrive. Should I be worried? *crosses fingers*

I have, however, received the OT boxset, and boy! They've cleaned it up something good! The colours look fabulous! So far I've only watched ANH and a couple of the featurettes...but it's looking really good. I can almost forgive Mr. Lucas for not putting out the original OT. ;-)

Do you realise that there's only 3 months till Christmas?? You better start saving for all the gifts you're obliged to get your relatives and friends! Or better yet, make them yourselves! I think I'll knit a tie for T. If I could knit...dang, I knew that plan was flawed somehow... ;-)

Saturday, September 25, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:21 AM