Lengthy Rant Ahead, Ye Be Warned.

I woke up thinking about a certain Danish women's/ladies' magazine which, some years ago, I'd habitually buy. Not because I really, really liked it. I actually, eventually, realised that I rather disliked it. This magazine has the content typical for a magazine of this type: a bit of "current cultural events", i.e. reviews of books, films, theatre. It also sports several fashion articles, usually there's also an interview with some famous person. And if you're lucky that article includes pictures of said famous person's house. If that's not the case, then you can be sure that there's an article about some hip young woman who has transformed a milk carton into a beautiful palace just by painting it and throwing in a blanket she found at the back of her grandparents loft!

The magazine will also feature pages of 'reviews' of new makeup products, recipes for some delicious dish, which is usually an example of the socalled fusion kitchen (which means that you blend ingredients from for example Italy and Thailand; and naturally the ingredients of Italy and Thailand aren't alike in any way. So of course this needs to have a name, however stupid it is.), or "cooking like grandma did it", cause it's become hip again to spend a whole Sunday roasting a roast on a spit over a fireplace.
Speaking of food, of course there's always a new diet to follow in the magazine, every week. The carrot soup diet, anyone? Or how about the citrus fruit diet?

Are you wondering why I stopped buying this magazine? I want the magazines I read, to be uplifting and inspiring. This magazine did none of that. More of the contrary. It wants to tell it's readers how great they are (they read the magazine, right?), but at the same time it does the opposite. By showing the readers how uncool they are, cause they don't live in a milk carton that they've turned into a place by paintng it and throwing in a blanket they've found at the back of their grandparents' loft. They're unhip because they've got too wide hips, and therefore need to go on a diet, preferably a new one each week.

Yes, they do have some articles which you think might be interesting. Like a couple of years ago, when I actually did buy the magazine once, because there was an interview with John Irving (my favourite author), and I thought "Yay! an interview with John Irving, my favourite author. This is great!" But it wasn't. The journalist spent most of the article writing about how excited she was about meeting him and how she was also a little nervous. Throw in her lengthy description of his backstory, the house he lives in etc, and you have an article which is supposed to be an interviwe, but where the interview part only takes up about 1/4 of the article.

So that was the last straw, and I have never bought it again. Nor will I.

Instead I occasionally buy another magazine, which isn't patronizing. There are no diets. Not because the readers of this magazine don't need diets, but because the magazine knows that we're cool enough to do something about ourselves; we don't need someone to tell us. In fact this magazine knows that its readers are so cool in their own right, that it doesn't feel the need to tell the readers that they are cool by association when they read the magazine. Therefore the magazine can concentrate on writing proper, well-researched articles with content that's relevant; not just this week, but in the future as well.

Cause I mean, would you rather read a magazine that treats you like a fucking retard, or one that treats you like the intelligent human being you are??

Saturday, September 11, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:38 AM