I Like To Watch West Wing On A Tuesday Evening

Internet, I see pregnant people everywhere! On the bus, on the street, in the shops! What does this mean??

Anyway, as I've hoped I'm getting along very well with Illustrator. It's an ace programme and I wish I had learnt to use it long before! Here's a bite of what I did today. Clicl on it to see the fullsize image. It's a really nice picture, but unfortunately on it's way from the Illustrator format (vectors) to .gif (pixels), it's become, well, pixelated. Which is fucking annoying.

This sugarcane it tasted good

Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore R.E.M.?? Their website should be announcing the rest of the dates for the European leg of the tour supporting their new album in the very near future and I can't wait! I really, Really, REALLY hope there'll be a concert here in Denmark! Atleast there must be one in London!! And then i can go see them with T. What better combination??? :-D

Speaking of T, he made a painting for the bedroom. Ok, I forced him to do it, but it's very nice. And I would have showed y'all a picture of it. Although he might have objected to that! But he shouldn't, cause it's a very nice painting. It has a red bird on it!! But my digital camera is crap and all it did was take a picture of the flash going off in the picture. The only redeeming factor about my fucking digital camera is that it does a decent job at doubling as a webcam.

I miss T. I miss giving him a kiss in the morning. I miss falling asleep next to him at night (even if he does snore!). I miss when he cooks for me. I miss how he can make me smile just by looking at me.

I could go on and on about all the cute things about T, but West Wing is on telly and I'd probably bore you to even more tears than i already have, by going on and on about all the cute things about T, so...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:53 PM