Stats And Cats

I have a sitemeter thingy counting how many visitors I have on this here blog, but it doesn't just count that. It also gives me information where people are coming from. For example, I can see that someone found their way to my blog by searching for carcoon and denmark on Google. Now why on earth would you search for that combination?? The blog comes up as result #6 in that search, btw.

Some statistics:
  • most of my visitors are from the US
  • 81% use a version of Internet Explorer 6.
  • 75% use Windows XP
  • but 2% use Linux
  • 60% of my visitors are using an internet provider of the .net or .com kind
  • there are approximately 450 visits per month
  • quite a few of those visits take place while I'm asleep
Now if it could just tell me your age, gender and interests, I'd be able to do stuff that you'd be really interested in! Orrr not...

We're going to a wedding on Saturday, and I've done some paintings as a present. They are finished but for one thing, they have no titles yet. I'm completely stumped for ideas, so suggestions are very welcome! "Pink cat", "Blue cat" and "Green cats" is out of the question. ;-p

Click on image to see larger, and separate, version of the cats
Click on the image to see larger versions of the cats.

A very happy birthday to Ysblander! xxx!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 8:25 AM