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I should be back now. For keeps! ;-) As I can post from school and I should be getting my internet connection next week. Yay!

So, I visited T for his birthday; and as you can imagine, going to England every so often, involves a fair amount of air travel. This, in turn, involves showing my passport to various airport staff/police. I've noticed that whenever I have to show my passport in these situations, I invariably will show it to them while smiling very politely.
I don't think they care if I smile or not. But just in case! See my passport, and consequently the photo, is 8 years old (actually, come to think of it, the photo is 9 years old...), so I don't look completely the same anymore. My cheeks are chubbier, my hair is longer and my glasses are different too! I guess that by smiling I want to reassure them that it is indeed I, "just look at my lovely smile! How could you even think it's not me?! I'm just a bit older! But I'm still me!"

Maybe it's a form of paranoia??

PS: Why do Asian teenage girls seem to have a very strong liking for anything cute, curly, pink and fluffy?? Every so often I stumble upon a blog that's just full of bright colours, cutesy little Hello Kitty illustrations; usually the mouse cursor is in the same theme, and more often than not, it has a 'tail', also brightly coloured, preferably with little stars or flowers. Here's an example. Notice the URL? Notice the cursor? Notice the cutesy image?? And why is it that these same teenage girlz spell like thiz?
Is this only an Asian thing? Or is it simply because more Asian teenage girls are online and maintain a blog? And thus, if more European/American teenage girls were online and maintained a blog, it would look like that too??

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Saturday, August 21, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 2:19 PM