Now You See Me...

Ahhh....internet conection...mmmmmm.. Shame it isn't mine! :-(
I'm round my parents', as it's my father's birthday. Hip hip!!

I think I forgot to mention what titles I decided on, for the cat paintings, the green one became "Kit & Kat", the red one "Cattitude", and the blue one.."Blue Cat". I could think of nothing better, and it is blue, so... ;-)

It was a really nice wedding too, the bride looked absolutely beautiful and the speeches were moving and from the heart. I even held a sort-of-speech. The girl friends had a 'present' for the groom, and it needed a few words of presentation for the rest of the party. And that job fell on me. Well, I volunteered. That way I could make sure that the right things were said. I'm such a control freak. ;-b

And I almost cried at the church. ;-)

The new look on the message boards deserve a comment: I hate it. It looks absolutely horrible.

Dear Mr. Lucas,
Please fire your webdesigners, as the work they have displayed in the new design for the message boards look terrible and not very inventive. Now, I know how important it is that your entire website has the same design, so it is a visual whole. But! When the design is awful... *sigh* It's not even very Star Wars-y. Atleast not in my opinion. Surely, your employees should be able to do better than this? Aren't you all about 'pushing the envelope'? Or maybe that was in the good old days, before it was all about making money?



Thursday, August 12, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 5:19 PM