I'm Back!

Kinda! I do not have an internet connection at home yet, but I will have one soon!
Right now I'm at college - or whatever to call it. And this is my first post made on a Mac! Macs are strange, keys that I'm not used to and such! Not to mention the whole interface of the damn thing, and the monitor is waaaaay smaller than my own!

People say that Macs don't need rebooting in the same way, and with the same frequency, as PCs, but I'm proud to say that when using this Mac for the very first time on Monday, I made it require a rebooting! Muwahahahaha!! ;-b

Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning I was in London, for T's birthday. We saw Shrek 2 - I like it! If you've already seen it: did you stay till the credits were over? If you haven't seen it yet: stay till the credits are over!!

I must say that I'm feeling rather net deprived - so many practical things that I don't have access to; like looking up timetables and such. And being unable to keep up with the people I usually keep up with. I miss you too!! But the worst is probably not being able to talk to T via the computer every day. The phone bill isn't exactly getting smaller! ;-)

So, you have Wardi back. Are ya happy now??

Thursday, August 19, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 10:57 AM