80's Nightmare!

It feels like I'm reliving the 80's. Or rather, that other people are, people who follow fashion trends. Everywhere I go, I see pink and black striped knee-socks, legwarmers, and polkadot skirts. And the shoes. Oh the shoes. The fucking shoes! Those faux leather pumps and boots in yellows, pinks and greens, or silver and gold! were awful then, but they're absolutely horrendous now!
Have we (they) learnt nothing from the past?? Must we repeat fashion disasters from the past?
If I hadn't thrown away all my horrible plastic earrings, they'd be in fashion now. What is the world coming to??!
Please send back all those awful clothes to where they came from, I'm sure there's a highschool girl in 1989 who misses her wardrobe!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:55 AM