Stealing From A Thief.

I'm so boring that I have nothing to say, instead I stole the following 'questionnaire' from Dex. ;-b

Who was the last person...

[1] You touched? My mum. I gave her a hug.
[2] You talked to? My dad.
[3] You hugged? My mum!
[4] You instant messaged? T.
[5] You kissed? T, four days ago. *sigh*
[6] You yelled at? Hmmm... Dunno, I don't really yell at people.
[7] You laughed with? Oh, with T! :-)
[8] You had a crush on? Uhh... Does it count that I'm now with him? In that case T. If not...well.. I dunno..

Name four drinks you regularly drink:

[1] water
[2] water
[3] hot chocolate (a low cal version!)
[4] orange juice

Name four random facts about yourself:

[1] Eh.. I'm shy.
[2] I used to collect snow globes.
[3] I sleep with teddy bears, 2 that T gave me, and one my grandma gave me when I was a little flower.
[4] E.T. was the first movie I saw at the cinema. That I can remember anyway.

Name four random facts about your family:

[1] Our last name can supposedly be traced to the Nederlands in the 17th century.. I dunno about that..
[2] My mum's and my dad's birthdays are 1 month and 2 days apart. So are my dad's and my sister's.
[3] The family used to have a cairn terrier. He was called Marco Polo and he was very cute.
[4] There are more TV sets in the house than there are people living here.

Have you ever...

[1] Fallen for a friend? Yes, of course.
[2] Made out with JUST a friend? Yes.
[3] Been rejected? Yeah.
[4] Been in lust? In lust?? I'm not sure I... Nevermind. ;-b
[5] Used someone? No!
[6] Ever been used? Yes. Bastard!
[7] Cheated? No.
[8] Been cheated on? I don't think so.
[9] Done something you regret? I wish I hadn't.
[10] Can you list a few of them? Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you??

[1] Color your hair? Yes. My natural hair colour, doesn't suit me, nor my personality. So it's DIY for me. ;-)
[2] Have tattoos? No. (not yet..)
[3] Have Piercing(s)? Yes, 2 in each ear and one in my nose.
[4] Have a boy/girl friend? Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!
[5] Floss daily? No, I hate flossing!
[6] Like to groove to the music? Oh yeah, baby!
[8] Like to drive fast? Ummm.. why were humans allowed to invent cars if not to drive fast??
[9] Believe in God or Devil? Yeah sure, why not.
[10] Believe in The Closet Monster? No, but I'm sure there's something under my bed!!

Miscellaneous Questions!

[1] What should you be doing right now? Ehh... painting or something..
[2] What are you listening to? The telly.
[3] Can you do anything freakish with your body? Well, I can reach the tip of my nose with my tongue.
[4] Chicken or fish? Chicken. I don't eat anything that's lived in water.
[5] Favorite Season? Don't have one, but as long as it's not raining I'm happy.
[6] Is ice cream the best thing in the world? No.
[7] What would your dream date be? I don't have one. I just go with the flow.
[8] Silver, gold or platinum? White gold. :-b
[9] Candle lit dinner in a restaurant or at home? Either. As long as I'm with my sweetheart. ;-)
[10] Roses or wild flowers? Any flower is good in my book. The more the better!
[11] Silly or serious romance? Oh both! You can't be serious without silly and vice versa!
[12] What CD is in your CD player right now? Hmmm.... Moby's 18, I believe.
[13] Who was your favorite Spice Girl? Oh.. the scary one!
[14] Favorite Disney Characters? Don't have one. I don't care much for Disney...
[15] Favorite fast food? Fast food shouldn't be anyone's favourite!!
[16] Favorite book(s)? John Irving's entire oeuvre + historical.
[17] Favorite Sports teams? I'm not a tifosa, but I like watching football and F1.
[18] Favorite song? Don't have one. But anything with REM is loved by me.
[19] What room is your computer in? My bedroom.
[20] What is your shoe size? 3, or 3½, in UK sizes...
[21] Happy or Scary movies? Oh I'm too frail to watch scary movies!
[22] What will you be when you grow up? Who says I want to grow up?? ;-b
[23] Who do you consider your best friend? T.

Friday, July 02, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:20 PM