Save A Pond, Kill A Duck!

I was watching BBC World's Reporters programme last night, and lo! there was an item from Denmark! The other two items on the programme were about AIDS and landmines, rather serious topics! But the one from Denmark, well it was about ducks. Ducks!

See, people here in Denmark like feeding leftover bread to ducks, and apparently this causes environmental damage to the ponds they live in. Cause the ducks' droppings are nutrients for green algae. But green algae isn't good for the ponds, because they cover the surface of the ponds and then shuts out light and thereby kills pretty much all other life in the pond! So a scientist, I forgot his name, has suggested that poor people, like students and pensioners, be allowed, on certain days, to go and grab a duck and have it for dinner! (but cook it first, of course!) This to keep down the duck population in the ponds and thereby keeping the ponds alive.

I must say to the journalist doing this item, thank you. Thank you for making Denmark look ridiculous. I know we don't have any landmines here, and there aren't a lot of people afflicted with AIDS, so I guess telling the world about duck shit killing our ponds is the most exciting thing you could find!

PS. This is old news here in Denmark. The scientist with the pond saving plan was laughed at in the Danish media, and to the best of my knowledge people are still feeding ducks, but noone are allowed to grab the ducks and have them for dinner!

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:33 AM