Really Exciting Music News

Hello. Goodmorning. I love listening to the radio in the morning. Today especially, cause the radio told me that R.E.M. are releasing the first single of their forthcoming album, on Sptember 27th. It's called Leaving New York and according to Xfm it has a sound and feel reminiscent of 1992's 'Drive' and features the lyric "It's easier to leave, than be left behind". Moving, poignant yet ultimately uplifting. (more)

More R.E.M. Yesterday I bought the In View DVD, of music videos, which accompanies the In Time CD. And may I say it's just pure joy to watch those videos. Sorta arty, sorta poetic, you can tell that especially Stipe has an interest in all things photographic and cinematic.

Ok, no more R.E.M. today. Except, the new album is out on October 4.

Here's a funny little story I found some months ago. I may have posted it before, although I think it's more likely that I thought about posting it and then forgot. Anyway; Crazy, Random "Chris Rock Thing".

I've been spray painting some furniture today. A nice strong blue colour. And I was wearing flip flops while spraying them. Which was sort of a mistake, I suppose. Looky:

Wardi's blue foot

As always, click for larger image.

Thursday, July 29, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 8:20 AM