On The Move

So, I'm moving in a month. Hopefully I can get the key early! But I don't know yet. Have to call the people I'm renting it from. Would be nice to get the flat like a week early, coinciding with next time T is here. Hehe.

But as moving time is moving closer (har har), I best be getting on with all the projects I want to do! Need to make some cushion covers, with stencils. And I have an idea for a wall decoration in the bedroom. Then there's sanding and painting my dining table and the chairs. Plus I've got a lot of stuff to go through in the loft.

I don't like going up in the loft. First of all I don't like heights, so climbing a rather rickety ladder is not my favourite thing!! And when I was last in the loft, we were going through a lot of old clothes and they must have been a dweeling place for some kind of critters. Cause I ended up itching everywhere and not even taking two showers and virtually pouring Nivea all over me, made the itching go away! So I don't like going in the loft, I'm sure you can understand!

But I have to see what I actually have in the loft, so there're no two ways about it.

I would like some of these earrings! They are absolutely beautiful!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:40 PM