I've been putting off making a new design for for almost 6 months, but no more! Right now I'm working on the code for the new design. When it'll be ready, I don't know. Soon hopefully! The reason for not putting it off any longer is that I went and made that shop; I thought I'd better have a proper website for people to see, if they so wish. If anybody wants to buy anything at all! :-O

I'm planning on getting an eBay auction type thingy with paintings, and other original art, going as well. But that wont happen till I've moved and all.

But I guess everthing's sorta coming together now that I've decided that I want it to. Some of it's happened by chance. For example I only stumbled on the CafePress thing by chance, because I saw it on this site.

I have a few links that I thought you might like.

I know Ysblander will like Winnebago Man. A word of caution, though: it requires sound and the sound is probably unsuitable for most workplaces. So if you don't have any headphones, you have to wait to see it till you get home. Ok? ;-)

Ah yes, then there's my pal Dubya, who's been out mountain biking, and hurt himself. Awww! Maybe he's not the tea total he claims to be: maybe he hasn't put his past behind him? ;-)
Anyway, the thing, about the mountain biking story, that I don't understand, is why it's a story in the first place? He got some minor bruises: who cares???

Moving on. If you've lost your interactive map of Springfield, fear not, we've got it.

BugMeNot is a site that offers a service to bypass the registration that is increasingly demanded by websites for their services. I'm sure you've encountered such sites yourself, so I wont give an example. *cough*GuardianUnlimited*cough* Here's a rather cynical, yet funny example of this.  Registration is a bad thing. Especially if it wants details about your life!

Oh, btw, the new will feature my recipe for pizza. I hope you'll like. I know I love it. :-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:45 PM