Fun With Cars And Less Fun With Princes

Yesterday afternoon I was driving home from visiting soe of my friends. However, I didn't get very far, as suddenly the engine stopped. Luckily I noticed it and was able to get the car to the side of the road. Tried starting it. Several times. But to no avail. So what to do? I called home, but my father wasn't there. Luckily my uncle was, and he drove out with my mum. We then proceeded to try and push it into starting, nothing happened. Looking under the hood was unproductive as well.

My uncle had to leave, and left me and my mum to wait for the AA. They came pretty fast, but after poking around with the engine for a bit, had to resignate and the carwas towed home. So that was fun. Seems that there's no ignition in the engine. Which reminds me of a line from I.Q: "You have no spunk!" Which is precisely the case here.

My mum sorta complained about me braking her car (allow me to roll my eyes here..), but she soon got over that, cause while we were waiting for the AA guy, a big ass car pulled in to the car park where we were hanging about. And at the wheel of it was the Prince Consort of Denmark (i.e. the Queen's husband). They have a house (house meaning castle!) in the area where the car broke down, so he was out for a little spin, no doubt! But he didn't ask if he could help or nowt. I mean, that's the least he could do with the amount of cash we, the Danes, fork out on his keep! But no no, he's too high and mighty for that. ;-b

Thursday, July 22, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 2:33 PM