Features And Something Pretty To Look At.

Ok, a couple of new features on the blog:
- it is now possible to see how many people are currently reading (or just passing by) the blog.
- there's a nifty little socalled GuestMap (from bravenet.com, they have several features that might be of interest.) Click on the button to the right where it says GuestMap. It'll then open in a pop up window and you can "pin" where you are from. I know where some of you are from, like Mikey who's in Kosovo, Dex who's in Australia, but I think it'd be fun to see where everyone else is from.
- as posted yesterday, I now have my own little shop; if you want a newsletter from that, scroll down the page to where it says Sign up to receive our newsletter!

Click to see larger version of Sea with grey-blue sky.

Sea with grey-blue sky (click to see larger version).

I like poking around on the internet, making webpages, writing emails etc. It comes quite naturally, yanno. And I really don't understand how some of my girl friends don't see the 'net, the computer and all it offers, as a real useful tool. Rather they see it as something that's difficult to use, almost scary.

Now why is that? One girl friend has never had an email address of her own, as far as I know, and only recently did she learn how to send emails. :-O I don't understand that. But the thing I really don't understand is that by having to use her boyfriend's email addy, there's no privacy. Yeah, if you're in a relationship there shouldn't be any need to keep stuff secret, but you don't have to tell each other everything, do you??

It's not very practical either, if you need to send emails and everytime you depend on somebody else to help you. Especially since, increasingly, correspondence via email is essential in many cases.

Looking at the girl friends and who has and hasn't got their own email addy, here's a funny coincidence: the 2 who don't have their own private email addy, are also the 2 who've not been single at some point in the past almost 10 years. They're both with the same boyfriend (husband, now, as it were) as when we were in school together. I'm not sure what this means. Neither of them have a mobile phone, one of them wouldn't know how to turn it on at all!

Maybe it means that if you've got a man to take care of such matters, you loose all interest in anything that requires plugging in or the use of batteries, unless it's kitchen appliances??

What happened to women's independence???

Monday, July 26, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:49 AM