Come Inside!

How was your Saturday? Lovely, I hope. Mine was. I finished painting the table, which looks gorgeous. And put together with the newly painted green chairs it takes on a bit of the green. Nice. :-)

I've also been to see the flat I'm moving to in 3 (THREE!!!) weeks. It's very nice. I have seen it from the outside a couple of times, but now I've seen it from the inside as well. And you can take a look at it too! Just clicky-clicky follow this here link and you'll be transported there with the speed of your internet connection! The pictures may take a bit to load, so if yours is a slow connection, go put the kettle on while you wait and make yourself a nice cuppa tea. ;-)

Here's a preview:

The flat seen from outside

The flat seen from outside

Oh, I can just imagine how it'll be when I get all my stuff there! :-D

Saturday, July 24, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:24 PM