To move or not to move

I'm back from London, which sucks, cause now I miss T terribly and at the moment I don't know when I'll see him again. But at least we've had a beautiful week together. Mostly doing nothing, but we did go see The Day After Tomorrow. It was decent and I liked the FX, but the wolves freaked me out! ;-O
We also went to Tate Modern to see an Edward Hopper exhibition. Funny how... I've got some books about Hopper and I've always loved his work and then.. to see it in real life.. Amazing, it's like meeting old friends..
Anyway, the exhibition is on till September 5th, and I highly recommend it.

My mum's got a new job and that is absolutely fabulous!

I've been offered 2 flats, but I'm on a waiting list for them, #4 and #8 respectively, so there's no guarantee I'll get either of them. Still it's good. Although I was hoping to go to England soon, but right now, that's put on hold for a bit. Curse circumstances over which I have no control!!!

Speaking of such, this morning a friend of the family, who lives close to my grandad, called and said that he wasn't feeling good and that he couldn't walk properly. And they hadn't been able to get hold of a doctor. Turns out that both of the doctors, in my grandad's little town, were on holiday. Great huh? So, now he's in hospital so they can find out what's wrong. He thinks it may be like an aneurysm in the leg.. or something like that. The family lives about a 2 hours drive from my grandad, so we aren't able to just pop over there. But my mum's gone to be with him for a few days. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 3:20 PM