This weekend is my last one at work. And my gawd, it's going to be sooooo good not having to go there anymore. It's boring, and there's no challenge to it whatsoever, plus I have less than kind feelings towards my boss. >:( But thankfully, it's all over soon.

A friend of mine is travelling through Europe at the moment. Or he would have done so, but since he's frrom Mexico, it's not something you just do - because of the Schengen Agreement. Fun. But he has made tracks through Eastern Europe and some of the other countries, and Morocco. It's great to read about his travels, almost like being there yourself. Hopefully he makes his way to Denmark, before he goes back to Mexico. :-)

My grandad is alright, btw. He had a stroke (?) in the brain which effected his legs, so he'll need to go through a period of 'training' so he can move around by himself.

Do you ever feel like a friend is more friends than you are yourself? Or that you are more friends with that person than he/she is with you?

Friday, June 04, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 9:19 PM