The Shape of England

Whenever I see the map of England (the UK), my heart skips a beat. And anything about England on telly sucks me right in. I wonder..why that is..? ;-)

Today is the day of the transit of Venus. As per usual when there's some sort of celestial phenomenon taking place, all I can see is clouds. Thanks very much.
But thankfully, there are a few places where you can watch it online. And that's in a way a better option, safer atleast, cause it prevents you from looking straight into the sun. Wont leave a link for that here, cause it's only on while the transit takes place, and it only lasts for some 6 hours. ;-)

I've started a new painting, and I have ideas for two more, and in the end they'll form a series..or atleast..go together.

I was watching CNN just now and they were showing people passing by Reagan's coffin, and some of them were crying hard. Well, I just don't understand that. They didn't know him in person, so... *shrug*

I don't particularly like CNN, actually, but I do like one of their presenters: Richard Quest. He's hilarious!

As you may notice, the blog looks very different, all the links have 'disappeared', but fear not. I'm simply working on a new look for it, but thought I'd use this one whil construction is taking place.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 7:53 AM