Could you please help me with these boxes??

I've been mentioning offers on flats, but I was always on a waiting list for them. Well! No more! Since I've now got a flat! Woooo! I'm ecstatic! Although I wont be moving till August 15th. But still... >>ecstatic<<

My aunt and uncle and cousins spent the night here. They're "home" in Denmark for their annual holiday here. They normally live in Greenland, so naturally, we don't see them often. My parents see them a few times whenever they're in Denmark, but I don't always see them. Consequently, I don't know them very well. And I don't really know what to say to them. Especially the cousins who're 17 and 15.

Anyway, since I'll be moving soon, I have a good excuse to go on a wee excursion to IKEA. ;-b I may even drag T with me when he comes over next weekend. Heehee. I need some dining room furniture and some storage. I really, really fancy this dining table, but it's probably somewhat out of my price range (although it does look like they lowered the price on it), so I'll probably end up with this one.

If you want to give me that dining table, please feel free to do so. ;-)

I've read somewhere that the day when people get the most junk mail, is on Thursdays, any thoughts on this? Anyone want to do some research on this? Simply jot down when you get junk mail and tell me, and I'll draw up a chart or something...

Saturday, June 19, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 12:32 PM