My Boss Is A Bitch

So here's the deal. My boss is a bitch and I hate her fucking guts.

I need her to fire me, cos if I quit my job, I'll lose quite an amount of money (the reasons for that is too boring to go into). So, today I talked to her, and presented my business to her. After I had said my piece, there was a long silent break, followed by a number of "yes [break] yes [break] yes" from her. The she continued on to ask when I'd thought I'd stop working there? "In three weeks I'm working again, so I figured that'd be my last time working". She didn't seem to like that a lot, and started saying stuff about I'm giving her very short notice. And this I don't understand; by telling her now that my that I want to work only one more weekend, I am actually giving her 6 weeks notice! Cos I work every third weekends. So what the fuck is that about??? And in reality, I can quit from day to day, so I think I'm giving her quite a lot of notice!!!
If she fires me, it's to our mutual benefit: I don't lose the money and she doesn't lose me from day to day.
But she told me she'd have to think about it. Yes, you go think about it, bitch! If you come back to me and tell me that you wont fire me, well then, consider yourself one staff member short!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 1:46 PM