First of, let me just say this: men are scum. Not all of them, and not all of the time. But some men are, and they should have certain parts of their anatomy cut off, cooked and then be forced to eat them. Bastards!

Alright then, the week in Scotland.
It was great. The weather was nice (Wyld, told ya I'd booked nice weather, didn't I?) - I really don't understand why Scotland has got such a bad rep when it comes to the weather; when I was there in the fall, only once did it rain so much that we got soaked.

Anyway, back to last week. We were in a nice hotel just off Sauchiehall Street and a relatively short walk from Buchanan Street, the bus station and Central Station. So shopping and ways out of Glasgow were all easily accessible. ;-)

Sunday we just had a wander around, but on Monday we went to Edinburgh for my birthday. We bought a return ticket for the bus which included a free ticket for the sightseeing bus around Edinburgh, a good deal for just £11. Was lovely to be back in Edinburgh. But I'm glad T insisted that we stay in Glasgow, cause I think I might have gotten a bit bored if we had stayed in Edinburgh. Although Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of atmosphere, Glasgow just seems a much more ..cosmopolitan and 'happening' place..

As we were walking down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, we came to a place where there were policemen, a lorry with film equipment, and some people looking like film crew. We got a look down a close (a bit like an alley) and we could see people wearing sort of Victorian age clothes; tall hats and big cloaks. So, either they were filming some period piece, or, they were filming something for Harry Potter (either this or this). Which is what T thinks, and I'll go along with that... ;-) We weren't allowed to hang around though, a policeman told us to move along. :-|

Spent the next couple of days doing some sightseeing in Glasgow - and doing a bit of shopping: a necklace and a pair of earrings inspired by Mackintosh.
We also had our breakfast at a tea room one day, which was very lovely. It felt rather oldfashioned, but definitely not a thing of the past. There were a couple of students there and a bunch of pin-striped business men, and also a couple of ladies which the waitress addressed with "hello girls! a change of plans?" - apparently regulars there.

One evening we had dinner at a restaurant called Kama Sutra, which had lovely Indian food, although a bit too hot - even for me. It was decorated with images from the book from which it takes its name, but in a very subtle way. ;-)

Friday was a day for gorgeous views, lots of sheep and a wee bit of getting lost scenic detours. We hired a car and drove to Loch Lomond, on to Ben Lomond and through the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park - which was beautiful. Driving up and down hills, each turn of the road offering a new breathtaking view. That's what I think of when I think of Scotland.

In short; an absolutely lovely week in Glasgow. A very special time too, because we were together, and for the longest time in one go..

Tonight marks the 59th anniversary of the message that the German troups in Denmark, and a number of other places, had surrendered, and thereby ending the occupation of Denmark. On this evening 59 years ago, people tore down their black-out curtains, that they'd had to use all through the war, and took them to the streets and burned them. And they lit candles in their windows, to celebrate being free and to celebrate that they'd had the light back, so to speak. Ever since then people in Denmark have lit candles and put them in the windows on this evening.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 10:47 AM