So, in 3 weeks we'll be in Scotland. More than a week together; that's the longest time we've spent together in one.."go". Damn, I can barely wait! :-D
And when we're back from Scotland there'll only be like another three weeks till I go back to England for almost a week.

Long distance sucks, but in a way it's also a blessing, 'cause it makes you appreciate the time together so much more! And you have to make up for all the days spent apart. He. He. He. ;-)

Ways to annoy your Public Bathroom Stallmate - caught that on Princess' blog, and it's the funniest thing I've read in a long time! :-D

Speaking of princesses... There's so much shit around about the upcoming royal wedding, it's making me sick! I, for one, will be avoiding it all, so there! Carlsberg has jumped the wedding wagon: Carlsberg Crown, which, sadly "will not be sold in Australia".
Or how about some lovely candles with the happy couple-to-be?
However, the most stupid thing I've heard in connection with this wedding, is that someone's suggested that farmers shouldn't be allowed to spread..errr....manure (??) on their fields that day, so the smell wouldn't annoy anybody. The chairman of the "farmers' association" said that it would be far better if farmers would be more considerate in this matter when their own neighours get married. Duhhh!

Oh well.

Saturday, April 03, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 11:34 PM