Good Friday. It's starting off with sunshine and birds singing outside, so it looks like it will indeed, be a good day. Speaking of good. I suppose you have been good, y'all, so without further ado:

Chris, you were right, kind of, so turn on your image viewing! Hehe. :-p

I'm currently working on a website for an artist I know, and I'd be glad to have some input from y'all. The site dummy is here: clickety-click!

OK, confession time. I find my self humming BS' "Toxic" a lot recently. I don't like her, but this song is kinda ok, there's still more "moaning" in the song/her voice, than I'd like though... And the video is tasteless, but I guess that's an artform in itself. :-|
A bit on the same note, I found my SW EU books (all 3 of them!) when I moved, and I thought I'd finish reading them, before I throw them away. Hehehehehe. :-p

Yesterday I spent in the lovely company of my father's side of the family. *blink* I meant to say that in a sarcastic tone of voice. At best, I have nothing in common with that part of my family, at worst, I can't stand them. So, fun. :-|

Funny observation about my family (as you may know, I'm currently living with my mum and dad, so I get to "observe" them at close quarters..;-} ), the first thing we do, when we come home, is turn on our computers. The same thing is the case in the morning.

Friday, April 09, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 8:50 AM