Ugh. A sappy love story on telly. Just what I didn't need! Damn you, sappy love story! :"(

And to boot, I watched a programme about Rome. That beautiful city where I haven't been for so long. Far too long.

It's a funny thing with "favourite places". Everybody has them and somehow, they are special and unique to all of us. We feel that the Rome, Paris or London, that we know, is the real place. The ultimate vision of the place.

And I definitely have a special connection with Rome. It was the first time I went on holiday by myself. I went by train and it takes 26 hours and it was an awful trainride, barely got any sleep, because I was afraid that someone was gonna nick my stuff, and people kept talking and chewing gum (I hate that!!). But then, arriving at 8 in the morning, at the Stazione Termini, so busy and with people from almost anywhere... Being there, all alone, taking it all in, that was so special. Walking out into the streets, which are like the streets of any other big city, yet not at all...I feel in love with that ancient city at once. I guess I'll have to drag T with me there sometime.

Bella Roma, ti promesso di ritornare al piú presto...

Friday, March 12, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 10:04 PM