I'm working on my website - will be very different than before. YAY! If only I could get it to work! :'-( Stupid thing! So, best to take a brake from it and errr...do something else.

But what? I have no TV at the moment (long and boring story, which I'll skip), so that's not an option. Oh well, I reckon I'll think of something. I could pack some more stuff I suppose.

Funny that. Considering all the stuff I've already sorted through, and thrown away a lot, it occurs to me that you (you as in me, I can't speak on the behalf on others) really don't need a lot of stuff. For example, I've got a lot of books, and quite a lot of them I really don't need. I guess at one time I did buy books like a maniac. Not so anymore. And well, it's a valuable lesson to learn, don't buy stuff unless you are 100% sure you need it and will need it in the future. And I guess that ties in beautifully with my shopping mantra: if in doubt, don't buy it.

Please support this very good cause www.originaltrilogy.com if you haven't already. And link to them from your website/weblog. I don't know why I haven't added this to my links a long time ago. Shame on me!

Someone please feed me! I've gotten a terribly bad habit of forgetting all about lunch and when I realise I'm actually hungry, I resort to things that should not be considered lunch. Or I skip "lunch" all together and wait for dinner, which I make in a hurry and without much thought, so it ends up being the same old boring stuff as the day before, because I have no imagination, due to the lack of energy from not eating all day.

How does one tell somebody that they are invading your personal space? In a polite way, that's not offensive...

Today's cow item: I'm a cow. Interesting. And that's all there is to say about that. Heh!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 3:30 PM