EDIT: I was going to post something that was making fun of Dubya, but it messed up the blog. I'm thinking: CONSPIRACY THEORY! But it could just be a glitch. Anyway, you can find that thing here: Bush's flip flops.

YAY! I got an application written today and it's pretty good. :-D Now I just have to write the other Danish one and then I've got two English ones that I need to write. Piece of cake. :-p

Yesterday and today my pal Leigh has been round the sw.com boards. Oh joy! Been too long since I chatted properly with him. Hopefully I'll get to see him when I move to England. :-)

For almost ten years I've had Robert Llewellyn's Man In The Rubber Mask standing on a shelf. For some reason I've just never got round to reading it. Untill now. And it's quite good. Kryten's got a lot of humour and it's very English. Gotta love that. So, if you have any kind of Red Dwarf obsession or just like the show, or even if you like Scrapheap Challenge, the book is a lovely piece to get some more insights to the man inside Kryten. Incidentially, the book is out of print, could it, per chance, one day become a collector's item and I'd have struck gold? It's entirely possible. I'm sure. Or not.

On with the show. Major packing's been going on. Ok, maybe not major, as such. But still. The boxes are starting to pile up.

Ok, today's cow item is really nice, if you ask me. I know you didn't, but there you go, you got my opinion anyway. And could we just try a little experiment? When you've clicked on that link (which I'm sure you are going to), could you please send me one of the postcards that appears? Use the address overthere to the left. Oh what the heck, here it is as well: wardi@wardi.dk. Aren't I nice?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 8:02 PM