"What's up with the colours?", you might ask. Well, I thought I'd join in the

online protest to offer free downloads of a critically acclaimed album that is being censored by a lawsuit threat from EMI Records. The action is an act of civil disobedience against a copyright regime that routinely suppresses musical innovation. The Grey Album, which remixes Jay-Z's Black Album and the Beatles' White Album, has been hailed as a innovative hip-hop triumph, but EMI sent cease-and-desist letters to any record store that stocked it. This Tuesday ("Grey Tuesday") the coalition of sites will offer free downloads of the Grey Album, and turn their pages grey, to take a stand against a copyright regime that serves neither musicians nor the public interest.

{greytuesday.org ~ the people behind the protest}

Tuesday, February 24, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 12:31 PM