Well, well, well.. whaddya know! Here are some new pictures of Puppy! I've actually accomplished something today. Woohooo! ;-)

The painting is almost done and lo! I've started a new one as well!

I stumbled upon this wacky thing today. The Postcard Project. It's this guy who via this website is asking people to send postcards (and other things) to his mum. How weird is that? And kinda cool too.

Alright, for some time I've been thinking of looking up something about an animated series that I used to watch when I was but a wee lass. So, I finally did. The Monkey King - Sun Wu Kong - which is adapted from the ancient Chinese fantasy novel "Journey to the West" that tells the tales of Tang Xuanzang (a senior priest) in his mission to India for fetching Buddhist scriptures. The story outstandingly describes a resourceful, brave, and humorous Monkey who beat the demons and monsters who wanted to eat Tang Priest. The Monkey became the real hero of the fantasy tales that pass on from generation to generation in China and the East Asia. {source}

The Monkey King looks like this:

Now, (thus far) I've been unable to locate further (satisfactory) information about this series. So if any of the two people reading this, remember this series and has some information, please let me know.

I hate when my friends are down. Especially when there's nothing I can do to help or cheer them up. All I can do is be there.. I guess that's good too..

Thursday, February 19, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 11:20 AM