I've been sorting through some of my books today and among them I found a notebook. When we finished "highschool", I had everyone from my class write little messages to me and well... it's really strange to read them again. I'm not getting all misty-eyed because of it, but it certainly does take me back. To a time where everything lay ahead of me (us) and we had so much optimism. I wonder if we still do. I know I don't..not to the same extent anyway.
One thing almost all of them comment on, is my "special" laugh and my artistic abilities. I still got the laugh and the abilities as well. But sadly I don't use the latter on a daily basis. As I would like. Maybe it's time to really do something to change that.

I love to paint, so why have I stopped doing it? Or almost stopped, as it is..

Here's a funny little thing: SWEDISH ROYALS CHOOSE RYANAIR’S LOW FARES. The Ryanair news pages are actually pretty humouristic, especially their jabs at easyjet. Heehee.

Saturday, February 07, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 3:38 PM