I went to my uncle's mother's funeral today. I've spent many a Christmas, and some vacations, with her. Yet, while we were sitting in the church, I couldn't remember what she looked like. Weird that. May she rest in peace.

Alright, I love chocolate milk, I can drink it whenever. But that can't be good for me, I know it isn't. So I've given it up (for Lent, har-har). I did a bit of calculating today and looky here:

1 litre costs approx. 9 Dkr (about $1.5/£0.81)
an average of 3.5 litres of chocolate milk per week
52 weeks in a year
1638 Dkr ($273.54/£146.9)

That's a lot of money! So...I'll be saving money and cutting back on a bad habit. ;-)

Have you seen Lost In Translation? I haven't. Yet. But here's something that might come in handy if you go see it. {via iloveeverything}

Today's monkey item: Monkey Fun!

Thursday, February 26, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 8:40 PM