Alright, the blog has a new title - it's from an REM song, Animal. If you think the title somewhat're right. But the song isn't. I think.

I've started a new painting a few weeks ago, and it's progressing nicely. Look out for that in the arty wardi sometime in the future.

Ack, I know I keep promising to put new pictures of puppy on the site, and the pictures from Scotland. Well, for technical reasons.. that hasn't happened yet. Nowt will happen in that department over the weekend, since T is coming..but maybe next week..

The sun is shinig today. Which is lovely. And sucks too, because then I can really tell that my windows are in dire need of cleaning. However, I can' be bothered to do that. After all, I'm moving out in just over a month.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 12:04 PM