Wouldn't you like to watch TV on your windows?? Now you can! (If you got that kind of cash, anyway!) This article on wired.com tells about a house which has this feature and others too. Apparently it's pretty much made of glass entirely. But not your regular glass, no no. These windows are fitted with a microfiber LCD screen, which can make them opaque or display light from a television projector. The computer monitor is fully integrated into the window, allowing it to receive and display information without projection. It can even handle touch-screen commands. Nifty, isn't it? The windows are not on sale just yet, because it's still only a research project... But they will be, I have no doubt about that.

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Apparently John Ashcroft likens himself to Jesus.... Scroll down to "Let Us Pray".

Going to Germany tomorrow. To get a stash of beer, wine and soda. Well, my parents are. I'm just tacking along for the heck of it. Beer and alcohol in general is cheaper in Germany than in Denmark. This goes for a lot of other things as well, therefore Danes flock to Germany to buy these things.

Since David is coming with us too, we are also going to see a couple of sights, Frøslev-lejren - an internment camp used by the Germans during WWII to keep Danish police and military officers locked up (my dad's father among them) . And Dybbøl Mølle - a mill, whose claim to fame is that it was a part of the Danish line of defense against the Austrian/Preussian army in 1864. The reasons for this war is..boring, so I'll not get into that.. ;-)

Friday, January 16, 2004 posted by Wardi @ 4:50 PM